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logo alma carraovejas

“Exitalia provides us quick and effective solutions to reach our target markets. Its human team knows well our philosophy and our way of doing things since years ago, so they are able to offer us customized and profitable promotional activities to keep us growing.”

- Paulo Cardoso - Sales Manager of Alma Carraovejas

Logo Marqués del Atrio

"Exitalia has become an awesome fellow traveler in our international journey. Their rigor and professionalism are shared values that mix up with our wines to take them anywhere in the five continents. "

- Jesús Rivero Roldán - Managing Director of Hacienda y Viñedos Marqués del Atrio, S.L.

logo viña pedrosa

“We started to work with Exitalia and its team of professionals a year ago. First, they assisted our administration department with all the subsidy-related bureaucracy, and later we realized that Exitalia’s services are not limited to OCM management. They have also been a great help in other international affairs, and have opened us doors by providing very valuable market information.”

- Adolfo Pérez Pascuas - Co-owner of Bodega Hermanos Perez Pascuas

logo vinos de argentina

“In Wines of Argentina we trust Exitalia and we are very happy with their professionalism and engagement with our organization, and the work they have done for us during all these years. With no doubt, they are excellent ambassadors of Argentinean wines and essential for the success of our work.”

- Analía Lucero - US & Canada Manager – Wines of Argentina

logo bodegas piqueras

“At first, we trusted Exitalia for their extensive experience in managing European financial subsidies. However, over time, they have shown us that they are not only experts on that but can bring a lot more added value to our company in our internationalization process.”

- Pablo Bonete Piqueras - Bodegas Piqueras

“We feel very comfortable having a fellow traveler like Exitalia: They help us enormously with procedures which, otherwise, would be a headache, and always provide great advice or suggestions. During all these years working together, Exitalia has been more than our administrative agent, standing out for its assistance when it comes to defining the international commercial strategy.”

- José Ramón Urtasun - General Manager of Bodegas Ramírez de Ganuza S.L.U.

logo bodegas Isidro Milagro

“In Bodegas Isidro Milagro we are very satisfied with Exitalia’s work. They manage all the processes of our OCM, making it look easy. “

- Isidro Milagro - Winery owner

Logo bodega Fernando Castro

“Exitalia has been a great help to us making our daily job easier. As the good professionals they are, they adapt to any type of company. It is a safe bet.”

- Fernando Castro - General Manager Bodegas Fernando Castro

logo pazo pondal

“Exitalia is a safe bet for us in terms of internationalization. It is a pleasure to rely on a company which is always by your side, keeping that high standard of excellence and professionalism that we request.”

- Olivia Hernández - General Manager of Bodega Pazo Pondal

logo bodegas campos reales

“After almost a decade working together, Exitalia has proven to be a professional and responsible team. They are by our side on every trip, making sure everything goes as planned, and documenting every detail. We will continue to trust them as we have done in the past.”

- Ana Ballesteros Jávega - General Manager of Bodegas Campos Reales

logo mastinell

“We have been working with Exitalia since three years ago. They are committed, problem-solving oriented, and know what they are doing. They propose solutions when needed, with plenty of time to react, and are always up to date with changes in regional normative. We know we are in good hands. “

- Beatriz Martí - General Manager of Mastinell

logo asber

“Exitalia has worked for ASBER, and thanks to its human team, we have been able to integrate the strategies of all participating wineries under a common goal, which is working together and accessing difficult markets that are hard to enter individually. What we like the most of Exitalia’s work is their incident response, positive attitude, professionalism, know-how, adaptability, their attention to details, commitment, and the sense of security. These values and attitudes that we identify to be equal to ours.”


logo asebor

“ASEBOR first began to work with Exitalia back in 2011, and thanks to their team we have been able to integrate the strategies of all involved wineries under a common goal, working together and accessing difficult markets which otherwise would have been very complicated to access. The best part of Exitalia’s work is their problem-solving attitude, positive spirit, professionalism, knowledge, adaptability, proximity, engagement, security… In other words, values that year after year they keep enhancing and which we are comfortable working with.”


logo bodegas ayuso

“Since we started working with Exitalia, we are sure to count with a professional support to plan and execute our international strategy. Additionally, they successfully manage our OCM financial subsidy, which provides our strategy with financial support in each country. Exitalia is giving us more than we expected”

- Bodegas Ayuso -

vengazones bodegas

“It has been more than 6 year since we first collaborated with Exitalia to abord our internationalization process. During all these years, besides guaranteeing a neat management of Government financial subsidies, they have been there to give us advice and find solution to any problem or challenge in international affairs. High marks for all Exitalia’s family for being always so accessible, rigorous, and professional. They have become part of our team.”

-  Goretti Vicente Muñoz - Bodegas Veganzones

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