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All our efforts focus on helping Spanish wineries promote their wines in international markets. To do it effectively, we analyze their situation in every country, define the objectives to achieve, and plan a promotional strategy to accomplish them. Strategy, market analysis, and results tracking are key factors to success.



To define the objectives in each international market, we help the winery analyze its situation in each country, its wines, its production and financial capacity, and its marketing strategy. The results lead to the definition of measurable and reachable objectives that ensure the return of the investment and an increase of the brand awareness in every market.



To reach any target it is necessary to establish a strategic promotion plan. Exitalia always provides the winery with its know-how and expertise to adapt the plan to every market. The different promotional activities to be implemented by the winery must be aligned with the available budget, controlled during the execution, and evaluated afterwards to check its effectiveness.



After planning the promotion strategy for international commerce, we manage the whole application process for the OCM European Subsidy, which financially helps wineries to promote their wines in non-European countries. This financial aid covers up to 60% of promotion costs (flights, hotels, meals, fair fees, wine contests, marketing campaigns, etc.). 100% of our clients successfully receive the funds.

We are aware of how tedious the entire OCM bureaucratic process is, and for that reason our team is specialist in the matter. The wineries can focus on what is relevant: production of wine and marketing, while Exitalia manages the OCM financial aid achieving an important reduction of costs in international promotion for the wineries.


Also, we know international markets are dynamic and in continuous change, and our team is able to rapidly adapt to any modification of the initial promotion plan, changing the strategy when needed, and adjusting the OCM application.

Our expert team is in permanent contact with the Administration Offices from every region in Spain, as well as other institutions such as the Spanish Wine Federation, to be the first to know the latest updates and track every OCM application in our portfolio. In all our years of experience we have managed more than 60 million euros in OCM applications and have successfully accomplished more than 250 applications for wineries from all over Spain.



We have many more options to help Spanish wineries succeed in their international promotion endeavors and get a return on their investment. List of contacts, reverse trade missions, product presentations, or international communication strategy design are only a few examples. We can meet any promotional need of a winery.

There are many promotional activities that wineries are not able to organize, or they just have not enough time to do so. Hence, we help them plan and execute those activities ensuring success and high returns on investment, in terms of profits and brand awareness.

The promotional activities can be carried out within the winery’s facilities, or directly in the target market since we have business partners in the main international markets and a well-prepared human team to undertake any of these actions.


These are just some examples of what else we can do for your winery:

  • Provide you with a list of relevant contacts in many countries.
  • Assist you with your international communication strategy by managing samples shipping to wine magazines or contests for tastings, and help you boost your brand image efficiently through influencer marketing and specialized journalist publications.
  • Organizing and executing a reverse trade mission to your winery. The visitors can be importers, distributors, specialized journalists, or representatives from the on-trade channel. Do not worry about anything, we take care from start to finish.
  • Organizing promotional activities at destination. We can either travel to the target market, or work through our business partners to execute trade missions, product presentations or any other promotional action requested by the winery.
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