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Exitalia wants to grow and in a better world. Reaching
both objectives is the key for success in our company.

Rafael Jávega  |  Managing Director

In Exitalia we are convinced that we should give back to our community a portion of what we have received that has enabled as to become an important international marketing consulting firm.

Hence, since the start of our business, we have implemented many actions to support our community and the environment. These are some of them:

  • Engaging with society through an annual plan to contribute to charity
  • Protecting the environment by recycling paper, plastics, batteries, and other waste.
  • Reducing consumption of office resources to its minimum.
  • Reducing energy consumption, analyzing annual consumptions levels, and taking measures to reduce energy costs.
  • Encourage our employees to participate in solidarity campaigns, such as Cáritas’ Food Collection Campaign.
responsabilidad corporativa exitalia


Our team of employees is the basis of the
company. We have a mutual commitment.

Our human team is the basis of Exitalia, and thus we share a mutual commitment.  They possess a talent that mutually reinforces itself and is made available to wineries. If they are the pillar of our company, they should feel valued not only financially but emotionally as well, with benefits that make them feel ‘special’.

The Exitalia team of consultants is, without a doubt, the most important pillar of the company and they should feel as such. At Exitalia we not only prioritize the financial remuneration of our consultants, but we also take care of their needs. Exitalia and its human team have a commitment that unites them. The company takes care of its team and they respond with work, professionalism and commitment.

Exitalia’s commitments

Exitalia has a Human Resource and Communication Management Plan that is in continuous improvement to make employees feel part of the company. With that objective, we implement measures to enhance their professional and personal experience:

  • Consultants enjoy an established bonus system which rewards those who reach excellence.
  • Consultants contribute to Exitalia’s growth, so if the firm has profits, they have them too. A percentage of the company’s yearly profit is distributed among employees.
  • Every year we analyze strengths and weaknesses of each job position and each consultant, to provide each of them with the necessary training and improve their capabilities.
  • There is an established career plan so every consultant can opt to internal promotion to other job positions that recognize their professionalism and engagement with the company and its clients.
  • According to individual personal needs, Extialia allows any employee to work from home, during periods of time or in specific days, upon request.
  • All consultants have the chance to choose, once a year, their desired working hours to promote family conciliation.
  • There are special 35-hour week schedules during summer (July and August) and on local holidays (from 7th to 17th of September).
  • Throughout the year, weekends in Exitalia start on Friday at 15:00.
  • We ensure that the job does not affect our employees’ health, not only by strictly complying with Law for Prevention of Risk in the workplace or caring for ergonomics, but also by gifting every consultant with therapeutic massages that prevent back pain as a consequence of their daily work.
  • Every member of the team has freedom to choose his/her holiday periods.
  • The company in engaged with innovation and provides its employees with the latest computer equipment.
  • On the first day at work, every new employee receives a welcome pack to easily adapt to our young company, its positive atmosphere, and its working processes.
  • Exitalia has a gender equality policy in place.
  • In case of a business trip, consultants can opt for various types of transportation, have a personal Gourmet Card and stay in 3-starred hotels or better.
  • And, overall, we always seek to empathize with our human workforce, because their satisfaction translates into engagement which leads to better company results.

Employees’ commitments

Employee engagement with the firm is essential for business success. A constant growth is the result of mutual commitment. For that reason, we look for the following skills in our consultants:

  • Stress management.
  • Responsibility with the equipment and the job.
  • Ability to coordinate.
  • Contribution to increasing know-how.
  • Ability to reflection and self-criticism.
  • Innovation and creativity.
  • Effort and perseverance.
  • Time management.
  • Compliance with the deadlines.
  • Be organized and an organizer.
  • Pursuit of excellence.
  • Work autonomy.
  • Ability to organize business trips.
  • Quest for professional development, continuous growth, and improvement.
  • Problem-solving attitude.
  • Transparency and communication capabilities.
  • Strategic thinking.
  • Client oriented.
  • Motivated and positive attitude.
  • Results oriented.
  • Ability to teamwork.
  • Have social skills.


Exitalia is always looking for new talented people to add more value to its team of professionals. If you consider you have a special talent, university education, and experience in marketing and international markets, feel free to send us your CV. Our doors are always open for great people.

Talent is welcome in Exitalia

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